What Do Your Lines and Wrinkles Tell About You

There is much to tell about a person only by looking at its facial features.
As the time passes, our experience of life is exposed on our face, and we can tell about another person whether it’s in a good mood or not, or if it’s body and mind are in harmony and much more.

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Down below is presented how to read the lines and wrinkles according to Ayurveda, an ancient Indian tradition of healing.

1. Horizontal lines on the forehead – these lines appear when we worry. We tend to wrinkle our forehead when we are worried; that’s why these lines are also known as “worry lines”. However, these lines could also mean that there is an excess intake of sugar, water and fat in our body.
2. The right vertical line between eyebrows – this means that maybe you have liver problems.
3. The left vertical line between eyebrows – perhaps you have spleen problems.
4. Deep horizontal groove at the top of the nose – this means that you’re predisposed to allergies or that your sex appetite is low.
5. Crow’s feet – these wrinkles mean that you have a poor sight, caused by you glaring. Also, this could mean that you have liver problems.
6. Bags or dark circles under the eyes – these signs indicate water-retention and maybe kidney problems. Also, this is a sign of poor blood circulation.
7. The delicate area at the center of the cheeks – this indicates a sinus congestion, and perhaps digestive problems.
8. Red nose tip – this signals heart problems, maybe your too tired and your heart is over-working.
9. The deep vertical line at the side of the mouth – this indicates weakness in your reproductive system.
10. Noticeable laughter lines – these lines indicate that you love to laugh, but also it may show pancreatic problems or diabetes.
11. The vertical lines above top lip – these lines indicate that you are a smoker, and also the lack of sex drive.
12. Different spots on the lips:
– whitish spots – may indicate parasites in the colon;
– blue-purple spots – this indicates poor circulation, because of costiveness;
– dark spots – they may also indicate colon problems.
13. Double chin – this is often a sign encountered at over-weight people, but it also can indicate thyroid gland problems.
14. Ring around iris – this is a sign of high cholesterol.
15. Noticeable temporal vein – this is a sign of high blood pressure, caused by agitation or stress.
16. The deep groove on the chin – this is a sign of depression or frustration that one is experiencing, or it can indicate a strong sex appetite.
As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, our facial lines and wrinkles present the connection between our body and mind.
Also, I divide the face into 3 sections – forehead, nose and cheeks, and the mouth, chin and neck.
This Indian healing tradition, Ayurveda, states that on the forehead are seen problems related to colon and signs of stress, nervousness and anxiety. Furthermore, the nose and cheeks indicate problems with the small intestines and signs of irritation, jealousy and disappointment. Ultimately, the mouth, chin and neck area show the problems with the chest and stomach and signs of anxiety, depression and affection.
This article is just a basic guide to face reading. I would suggest you to pay attention to the lines and wrinkles on your face, maybe your body has a problem with the internal organs, and it’s trying to let you know about that. But, if you are not sure about something, it’s better to consult a doctor and dispell all doubts.
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