Get rid of the Tartar with a single Ingredient at Home

Tartar represents a stone that gets formed on teeth as a organo-mineral deposit, which appears at the milk teeth, as well as it appears on permanent teeth and implants. The color varies from yellow to brown, and generally occurs on people with poor hygiene. Sometimes it can have genetic causes.

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Brushing and flossing are not enough to remove tartar and plaque. When you eat, particles of food or sugar remain between the teeth, and the only way that you can remove them is to brush your teeth after every meal. Otherwise, the remnants remain there, and in time they turn into a plate full of bacteria, which hardens and becomes stone hard.

Tartar and plague are extremely harmful to teeth, leading to tooth decay and it also destroys the tooth enamel. This organo-mineral deposit can be of 2 types: supragingival, where it can be observed, and scaling, which can not be seen with the naked eye. This one is the most dangerous one and can even lead to tooth loos if not removed.

Here’s the method by which you can get rid of them:

-30 Grams nutshells

-200 Ml of water

Put the nutshells in a pot with water. Boil the mixture for 20 minutes. When cool, strain, then soak your toothbrush in this liquid. Brush your teeth for 5 minutes. Repeat the treatment 3 times a day and in 10-15 approximately plaque should disappear.

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