5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just Four Weeks

Nowadays, people are taking more and more care about their health than ever before, which is a very good thing. In order to maintain their body in good shape, some go to the gym and buy expensive equipment to also exercise at home and they also take supplements. Others decide to make healthier diet choices and exercise on a regular basis in the comfort of their own home, without any expensive equipment or ‘magical’ supplements.

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If you also want to lead a healthier life, you need to eat a healthier diet and be more physically active. This will pay off, believe us! For that purpose, we’ve prepared 5 exercises that you can combine with a healthy diet for amazing results within 30 days! Soon enough, you will have the body you’ve always wanted…


One of the most beneficial, yet, underrated exercises. It will help you have ripped abs and strong shoulders. You need to take push-up position on the ground and then bend the elbows at 90 degrees. The body needs to be in a straight line while you support it with the elbows, forefeet, and forearms. Hold the position as long as you can. Make sure not to move the buttock and waist.


This exercise will involve every muscle in the body. You just need to set the body in plank position and push it up using the hands. The buttock, legs, and back need to be straightened. Make few repetitions.


Squats are great for strengthening the core, stimulating a healthy fat burning, and building strong calves, hams, and quads. Take the primary squat position and stretch the arms forward. Do the squats slowly and make sure the face is faced forward and the spine straightened. Go as low as you can. The hips need to be parallel to the ground. However, don’t force yourself if you cannot do this.


Begin in plank position and support the body on the hands and knees. Then, stretch one leg and one arm on the opposite side. The body needs to be straight and balanced. Maintain the position for few seconds and then repeat the same with the other leg and the opposite arm. This exercise will strengthen the spine and abdominal area.

Lying hip raises

Lie flat on the ground and bend the knees. The feet need to touch the floor. Next, stretch the arms outwards at a 45 degree angle. Squeeze the glute muscles and raise the hips. Repeat the movement few times.

Very beneficial 4-week exercise plan:

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It’s comprised of 2 different basic workouts. Let’s take a look:

1st Workout

  • Plank – 1 minute;
  • Push-ups – 1 minute;
  • Squats – 2 minutes;
  • Bird-dog – 1 minute;
  • Lying hip raises – 1 minute;
  • Plank – 1 minute;
  • Push-ups – 1 minute;
  • Squats – 2 minutes

Make 10-second breaks in between

2nd Workout

  • Plank – 3 minutes;
  • Bird-dog – 3 minutes;
  • Lying hip raises – 3 minutes;
  • Push-ups – 1 minute

Make 15-second breaks in between

You have a rest day after the 6-day workout plan.

1st Week

  • 1stDay – 1stWorkout
  • 2ndDay – 2ndWorkout
  • 3rdDay – 1stWorkout
  • 4thDay – 2ndWorkout
  • 5thDay – 1stWorkout
  • 6thDay – 2ndWorkout
  • 7thDay – rest

2nd Week

  • 1stDay – 2ndWorkout
  • 2ndDay – 1stWorkout
  • 3rdDay – 2ndWorkout
  • 4thDay – 1stWorkout
  • 5thDay – 2ndWorkout
  • 6thDay – 1stWorkout
  • 7thDay – rest

After you are done with the 2nd week, start all over. With the help of this program, your body with be stronger and tighter and you will be much healthier than before. Your energy levels will increase and you will look and feel better. Good luck!

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